22nd September, 2021

Covid update

A hospital in Brownfield, Texas, is facing closure due to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.  Similarly a New York hospital has closed its maternity ward.

General Dynamics Corporation has cancelled its vaccine mandate after close to half their employees refused the shot and said they would walk off the job.

A healthy 33 year old New York writer who constantly insulted the vaccine hesitant was himself double-v@xxed.  He was then told he needed surgery after a heart attack.  Sadly he died of complications from multiple strokes he suffered through the surgery.

220,000 US military personnel have refused the forced injection.

Today in Victoria, Australia, construction workers stood up powerfully as one, to protest Premier Dan Andrews ‘vaccine’ mandate.  Andrews knows that both his ‘vaccine’ mandate and his threat to shut down the construction industry are illegal, but having seen the compliance of the sheeple over the past year and a half, he hopes he will continue to get away with it.

(Point of interest:  It was revealed today that Andrews signed a secret deal in 2017 with China’s CCP, that Victoria would be the gateway to Australia.)

The evil players in this crime against humanity fear strong men.

Watch this brief clip “Strong men are hard to control”:


And the following very important interview with a British funeral director (thanks Gail!):


Things have changed so quickly in our world that it has not occurred to the vast majority of people that our governments may no longer be benevolent.

Citizens of most Western countries today have been blessed to live their lives in freedom, with governments they could trust to care for their well-being.

Most people – including those with many letters after their names – reject even considering that another agenda could be playing out (friendships can be strained even suggesting this is the case).

For those of us who have come to see otherwise, however, we can’t ‘unsee’ it.

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